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We offer Shipping Nationwide Custom Built Motorized Bikes & Bicycles will give you the time of your life and get great gas mileage. You can get a bsic rider or a beautiful custom 2 or 4 stroke motorized bike. These bikes get from 80 to 150mpg ! You are seeing more and more people riding these.  I do recommend a helmet for safety and you have headlight and a taillight if you desire to ride at night. The bikes can be pedalled at anytime as a normal bike, more versatile than a moped. I hope you enjoy this sport as much as I do! The bike has a twist throttle on the right grip and a clutch on the left that you release slowly to start. The 4 stroke bikes are pull start and do not have a clutch lever.

 PHONE 281-570-5140

Please email:  custombuiltmotorizedbicycles@gmail.com


Houston Texas Custom Built Motorized Bikes & Bicycles, YES your bike can be shipped anywhere in the US via Fedex or globally to your closest port

Motorized Bike Shipping

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  PHONE 281-570-5140

Please email:  custombuiltmotorizedbicycles@gmail.com

All bikes are custom built using either a 2 stroke kit or a 4 stroke kit. The 2 stroke kit has a clutch lever and you pedal the bike up to speed with the clutch pulled in and release it to start the motor. The 2 stroke engine requires a gas-oil mix to run. The 4 stroke runs on plain gas. The 4 stroke motor has a rope starter and a centrifugal clutch. You just hit the gas and go. The 2 stroke bikes are cheaper due to the lower cost of the engine.


Phone – 281-570-5140

Please email:  custombuiltmotorizedbicycles@gmail.com

Note Terms Of Service Part 1 of 2 – These bikes are custom built and we do not offer a refund or exchange on any bike. You must have basic mechanical skills to make adjustments to insure running of these bikes. I will aid you in any problem because I want you to enjoy your motorized bicycle. Buyer is responsible for any repairs and maintenance of motorized bicycle. I will repair bikes for first 30 days in my shop. I will offer repair parts if I deem part has failed because of defect or worksmanship if you cannot bring bike to my shop. I will not offer parts if I deem bike has been abused. Buyer is responsible for transporting bike to me. If you are not able to bring bike to me and you are not mechanically inclined or do not have a friend who can help, repairs and adjustments will be your responsibility and you will have to find a local mechanic to help you. I will offer you a video showing how to repair or adjust your bike.  Bikes may get some damage in shipping and have some scratches or scrapes or require adjustments to operate correctly. I will provide you touchup paint or repair parts if bike has some damage. Repairs will be buyer’s responsibility. There is no warranty expressed or implied due to the nature of theses bikes being subject to misuse or abuse. Do not let other people ride your bike, they can damage it. Please download Your Owner’s guide / Terms Of Service Part 2 HERE

Your safety is a huge concern. Operation of a motorized bicycle can result in serious injury or death. These motorized bikes can be dangerous to operate and buyer assumes all liability of safety in operation of a motorized bicycle. It is recommended that you take a motorcycle safety course and wear a helmet. If buyer chooses to ride the bike in traffic, buyer assumes all liabilities and safety concerns. Download Motorcycle Safety guide HERE

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