Repairing / Soldering a Motorized Bicycle Cable – Throttle Clutch or Brake

Here you go. Here is how I repair or solder a motorized bicycle throttle, brake or clutch cable..

You will need a solder pot and I use a 4 way tire tool as my solder pot. You can put the 4 way tool in a vise or cut off the socket end and use a large pair of vise-grips to hold it and figure a way out to hold the grip and socket end secure thru the process. be careful, this stuff is HOT !. I use a propane torch to heat the solder. I use silver solder, plumbing grade works fine. I use a good tinning flux for the stainless cables. Although, you can’t fit your whole family on a bike, you need to Forget Electric Van Leasing Uk: 3 Replacements You Need to Jump On and start getting an informed choice.

Below the video you will find links to all of the goodies you need to do this at home. Thanks for watching

AND Flanders Cable. they have the best selection for everything. They are more expensive, however, they are a one-stop shop for everything cable related.

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